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Do payday loans deduct? Should we declare?

Every year at the time of making the declaration of the rent, we look for information about the expenses that we can deduct so that the payment of the income tax of the natural persons (IRPF) is more bearable.

Disburse the interest on an income loan

Disburse the interest on an income loan

A common question that many people ask themselves when requesting a payday loan online, is whether they have the possibility of deducting their expenses in the income statement. Best Lender among its many facets is an expert in tax law and is willing to clarify this doubt.

Disburse the expenses of an online loan is NOT possible in most cases

In principle, as a general rule, it is not possible to deduct income from a payday loan , whether online or not. We must be aware that a payday loan or personal credit does not imply income for income, does not increase capital, so we have no obligation to declare it in the income statement. Therefore you do not have to declare it to the hacienda.

You could only incorporate it into the income statement in order to deduct the commission and interest expenses, in case you have allocated the loan money to one of the two purposes reflected in the legislative framework.

I can deduct the expenses of the loans when:

I can deduct the expenses of the loans when:

-You can deduct if the investment in habitual housing (will affect the mortgages, but you must take into account, that they are not deductible expenses if you have bought the house as of January 1, 2013): that is, if you have destined the money from your payday loan to the acquisition of a home. In the case of online mini-loans, we seek to cover specific expenses, with small amounts of money. So this case does not affect us.

-You can deduct if the real estate capital returns (if the payday loan money has been destined for improvements): this case does affect us, for example, imagine that you have applied for an online loan to Best Lender for an amount of $ 300 and that you allocate the money to the repair of the kitchen of your house, in this case you would have the opportunity to deduct the expenses of the interests of the loan.

You should know that in the vast majority of cases the expenses derived from the interests of a payday loan

Best Lender strongly recommends that when making your statement, review the current regulations, since it is updated quite frequently. If you have any questions, go to a tax agency office and state your case, you also have the possibility of using a legal advisor. Remember, that the income statement can also be considered a timely expense if you get to enter and you are just in savings, you can request a mini-loan from Best Lender to deal with it.

In fact, a very useful advice is to divide the payment of the tax return into two installments. Imagine for example that you have to pay $ 100, you can divide it into two parts of $ 50 each. If you see that extra expense is going to make it difficult for you to reach the end of the month, you can request a mini-loan through the web and return it when you pay your payroll the following month.

How to calculate the value of loan installments?

It is essential to calculate the installments of a loan before doing so. If you don’t know how, here we explain! When borrowing, one of the most important information you have to have is how much you can pay back in installments per month. This means that before applying for the loan, you will need to calculate the loan installment, ie know the amount of your monthly installment with interest. It sounds confusing, but let’s make it easy for you not to take a step higher than your leg and ask for a value you won’t be able to pay off.

How to start calculating the installments of a loan?

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It’s not too secretive: To apply for a loan, you need to know how your financial health is doing. It’s time to separate your payslips and income vouchers and put in the tip of the pencil. Set your financial profile and write down your earnings, expenses, investments, emergency reserve and more.

This phase is crucial in knowing exactly where to apply the money you will be asking for and not getting further tangled with the bills.

money loan

Pay close attention when making the expense spreadsheet, especially in the inputs and outputs part. Once planning is over, it’s time to define your strategies. Why do you want to apply for a loan? Which credit line is ideal? What are your goals? Is your only solution a loan? How to calculate the installments of a loan?

By answering these questions, let’s get back to your expenses and earnings. Many of our expenses are needed: rent, electricity, water, internet, supermarket and more. It will hardly be possible to decrease the value of these fixed accounts, so you already know more or less how much of what you earn goes towards paying the required ones. Ideally, this should not exceed 50% of your income.

What is left, we can call extras, because it is the money you have and is intended for other expenses not necessarily fixed – such as repayment of a loan. It follows the reasoning: 50% is necessary spending and 50% is extra spending, totaling 100% of your income. Where does the loan installment come in? Well, the ideal is that the value of your portion does not exceed more than 30% of your monthly earnings.

If you do not understand how to calculate how much you can pay in loan installments, do not worry that we help you!

Let’s make an account. Assuming you earn $ 5,000 a month, that’s your monthly income. 30% of this amount is equivalent to $ 1,500. Therefore, the ideal is that your installments of your credit do not exceed $ 1,500. If you need a value of, let’s suppose, $ 9,000, you can split it at least 6 times for your payment not to exceed 30% per month.

In our loan simulator you can put in how much you need and how many times you want to split.

From this we were able to make a selection of pre-approved proposals to present to you. But having already calculated how much you can afford per month makes it easier to simulate closer to your reality.

In short, it works like this:

  • Make a spreadsheet of your monthly income
  • Calculate how much is 30% of this amount (this is the maximum you can commit from your loan installment income)
  • Defines how much you need to borrow and how many installments you can make by committing up to 30% of your earnings.
  • Make a simulation on our site and choose the offer that has the most to do with you

Ready! This is the simplest way to calculate how much you can pay per month in loan installments. This calculation fits all loan modalities, and what changes between them are the conditions.

Which mode is better for me?

money loan

The best type of credit depends on some factors, such as how much you want to borrow, what you can offer as collateral, what your CPF status is, and so on. If you can prove your income and are not looking for a very high amount to invest in you, from your personal loan simulation, with interest starting at 1.9% per month.

If you have a repaid car in your name, opt for vehicle refinancing. You get a higher value, up to 70% of the value of the car, for lower interest, starting at 1.69% per month. Best of all, you continue to use your vehicle normally while you are paying off your debt. Place your order here and get access to up to 10 proposals from our collaborators.

Is it time to start a business or make a bigger investment?

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Use your property as collateral. In property refinancing, you put your property, be it residential, commercial, or even land, as a way of ensuring that you will repay the loan. This type of credit works best if you need a lot of money because it gives you up to 60% of the property value, with interest starting at 0.99% per month and up to 20 years to pay. It’s a good deal for anyone who wants to start a business, for example. Make your simulation now!

See how easy it is to calculate the installments of a loan?

If you have further questions, browse our site! At this link you will find a lot of content for other questions you may have. And don’t forget to do your simulation!

Loan for troubled clients – where to get it?

Do you have a registry entry? Are you working black and you can’t prove your income? Is it only a few days since you got rid of the distraint? Debts are going over your head? These are all indicators of a problem client for a non-banking company.

These are unpleasant obstacles that will make it impossible for you to take out a loan at a bank, and even for non-banking companies, it will not be easy. However, a loan for troubled clients can still be obtained relatively easily and safely at the same time. How to do it?

Loan for troubled clients – where to get it?

Loan for problem clients at the non-banking company

Loan for problem clients at non-banking company

Obtaining a loan from a banking company is often a problem even if you have excellent creditworthiness and minimal problems in the debtors’ registers. For non-banking companies, you usually walk much better, but they also tighten screws and choose their clients more carefully.

In part, this is a constant change in legislation that places high demands on non-banking companies and in part also wishes to make a better name among people.
However, a loan from a non-banking company is still the ideal way for troubled clients who are convinced of their ability to repay the obligation.

Who is such a problem client anyway?

  • He has no demonstrable income,
  • has a negative entry in the debtors’ register,
  • works for a definite period,
  • he has too many loans,
  • has low income and high expenses (poor creditworthiness),
  • is in execution or insolvency,
  • does not have citizenship,
  • they are pensioners, students, parents on a parent or other low-income groups.

These groups can be further divided into several “sub-groups” depending on how difficult it will be for them to obtain a secure and legal non-bank loan. Let’s look at them gradually.

Loan without proof of income

Loan without proof of income

You can still get a loan without proof of income quite easily. Although most companies require at least a statement of account, even today you will find such a non-banking company, which is enough to prove that you have sufficient creditworthiness. These are mostly micro-loans with a 30-day maturity and the possibility to draw a financial reserve up to a few thousand. However, it is rather an exception among non-banking companies.

Of course, a loan without proof of income is not suitable for people who really do not have any income. To obtain this loan you still need to prove that you will be able to repay it and if you do not have a demonstrable income, any record in the debtors register will serve as an aggravating circumstance.

Loan without registers

Loan without registers

If you have a fresh record in the debtors register, you are looking for a possible loan without registers. In that case, we have good news for you. Some negative record in the debtor register does not affect the approval of your application at most non-banking companies. Let’s face it – if non-banking companies were to reject a loan because of one later phone bill, no one would get the loan and the non-banking companies would end very quickly.

You will need a loan without registers in case your overdue bills and debts are over your head and the register is full of negative records. For example, a mortgage can help. For this you have to guarantee real estate, but your other debts are usually not interested in this type of loan.

Loan in execution

Almost no one will lend you distraint. The safest solution for a loan to pay distraint is offered by the aforementioned American mortgage, but for which you must guarantee your own real estate. A less secure solution, which we cannot in any way recommend, is a promissory note loan. With execution, as with insolvency, getting a classic loan is almost impossible.

Fortunately, nothing lasts forever. Although the execution will scrape you in the registers and non-banking companies will look at you even after it has been paid with distrust, you can borrow immediately after its termination, for example, a company that looks at your individual situation and why you distraints ever got. Even shortly after execution, it offers its clients a non-bank loan with a favorable interest rate.

Loan for foreigners

Another group of problem clients is foreigners. Indeed, non-banking companies have a lesser guarantee from foreigners that they will repay the loan and will not run away from repayments to their country. The advantage is that those foreigners who have at least permanent residence in the country. If this is not the case, you still don’t have to despair. Fortunately, there are many non-banking companies on our market that offer loans to foreigners who have only temporary residence in the country. But there are a few of them.

Non-bank loan for other troubled clients

Loans for pensioners, students or parents on maternity leave also fall into risk groups, but you can obtain them under certain conditions at most non-banking companies. Not only will you receive proof of income from social benefits. You can also increase your chance, for example, by earning a brigade. You can also increase your creditworthiness by applying for a loan with a partner, for example.

Whatever the hopeless situation, a non-bank loan can help you in the short term. However, you have to be sure of your ability to repay, so that the next loan does not just get you into the trap of over-indebtedness, which only leads to insolvency or in the worst case directly execution.

How to confess in a loan agreement?

Pay attention to loan agreements

Pay attention to loan agreements

When choosing an ideal loan, its price is certainly an important factor. Therefore, many loan applicants are mainly interested in the interest rate and APR when comparing bids. Equally important, however, is the loan agreement and availability, clarity and clarity of the information that the company will provide.

With the new consumer credit act, the unreasonably high charges and various loopholes have disappeared from contracts, but there may still be thousands of differences in fines and sanctions for individual companies. It is also important to know whether you can refinance the loan or repay it early.

If you do not read the contract or do not understand it properly, you may become entangled in the loan and eventually agree to something that will not benefit you at all.

Basic financial terms


First, clarify the basic concepts. If you have no idea what the difference between a loan and a loan is, you can hardly orientate yourself in a pile of full-term papers from the finance world. Check out the websites of each company. Many have prepared a section for clients where they explain the basic terms they use in their contracts and documentation. 

Consult the terms and conditions and loan agreement

When you are clear about financial terms, you can start reading the terms and conditions of the contract. Terms and conditions should be easily found on the web. With specimens, contract documentation is a bit harder to purchase. According to a survey conducted by People in Need, only 60% of companies are published on their website.

For others, you must contact them before you can access the contracts. However, this can be time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated at the stage where you are only comparing mortgage and consumer loans and you have not selected any specific ones.

Another problem may be the extent of contractual communication. Did you know, for example, that the bank could overwhelm you with more than fifty sheets of paper? It takes a long time to dig through this amount of information and it is not pleasant. The longer the contract is, the greater the risk that you will miss or misunderstand something.

A clear contract from Provident

A clear contract from Provident

A short and clear contract can be found, for example, at Provident. The aim of this non-banking company is, to be honest, and helpful to customers. It is betting on a transparent and fair approach, and this is clearly paying off. More than a million customers have used the company’s financial products.

For the customer, this means that he always gets accurate information so that he can understand the product in detail and thus make an informed decision. Of course, there is also professional service and the possibility to contact a Provident employee with questions at any time.

Well-arranged Express Cash documentation


Express Cash also prides itself on the clarity and transparency of contractual documentation. As with Provident, you can find a Code of Ethics on this quick loan website that explains the core values ​​of the company.

The basis is fair dealing with the client and an effort to describe in detail the terms of the loan, the total cost and the amount of any fines and sanctions. Of course, these principles are also reflected in the implementation of the contract. All you need to do is to over 10 pages and you know what you are signing.

What must not be missing in the loan agreement?


Each contract is based on identification and communication data. It must not be closed without these. It should not be missing:

Furthermore, it must be determined how much money you borrow and how you repay the loan. The number of installments and their amount should not be missing either. The APRC and the interest rate should be clearly indicated. For the interest rate, you need to know whether it is fixed or floating or determine the length of fixation. All expenses together should then be included in the annual percentage rate of charge. This is not always the case. Therefore, it should be accurately described what all falls within the APRC and what expenditure is excluded.

You should also be interested in what happens if you are unable to repay. Can you postpone the installments? Are there fines or periodic penalty payments? How does society address such situations? The answers to these questions should be outlined in the contract.

There must also be informed whether the loan is purpose-built or you can use it for anything.

Do you want to make your loan selection and study contracts even easier? Check out our charts of the best loans for this month. We evaluate not only the level of interest rate and APR. We also consider the credibility of companies and their approach to customers. Take a loan in our comparator and enjoy your money without hours spent on top of the paper.

How to detect unfair loan?

It is becoming easier to choose a non-bank loan. You have comparators with enough information, internet credit calculators or reviews. In addition, consumers are now protected by the new consumer credit act, which has made the orientation among non-banking companies even easier. However, you may still come across lenders who will try to earn you. Don’t give them a chance and find out how to expose them.

How to uncover unfair loans?

Discover rogue lenders

money lenders

The offer on the non-bank financial market is becoming clearer. The new consumer credit act not only protects borrowers but also controls their providers more. They now need a license from the Czech private bank to operate. Only qualified and trustworthy companies will receive this. Thanks to the law, it is also much easier, for example, to repay the loan early and to accommodate clients in difficult life situations. It seems that the rogue has been eradicated from the consumer credit and mortgage sector. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. You still need to be cautious about setting up a loan.

Honest lenders are interested in getting the money from the borrower. They want to build a long-term cooperation and they are glad when a satisfied client returns to them if necessary. However, some companies still, despite the limitations of the law, prefer to profit from default penalties, fees, and distraints. So how do you know a non-solid society?

Explore the non-banking company website

Explore the non-banking company website

Search the company’s website for slight hints that may indicate that everything is not right. Your website should include contact information, including email, phone, and business location. At the same time, the website should be clear and everything must be easy to find.

Ideally, the company also has a credit calculator on its site to tell you what your loan might look like. Certainly, draft contracts or other documents must also be consulted.

Find out how much the loan will cost you

money and cash

You should be able to get an idea of ​​the price of the loan ideally before contacting someone from the company. Of course, the interest rate always depends on the specific situation. However, if you can easily find a credit calculator, price list, or list of fees on the web, you can make a big difference with that non-banking company.

Also pay attention to penalties for delays, defaults or reminders. Although the amount of fines for consumer and mortgage loans is regulated by law, it is still true that if you choose the right company, you can save up to thousands of crowns.

The annual percentage rate will indicate the total cost of the loan much better than the interest rate itself. The annual percentage rate of charge also takes into account other charges, such as the loan handling fee or administrative charges.

Companies must disclose all costs associated with the loan to customers. If you are looking for an annual percentage rate on your site and you can’t track it, be sharp.

Hands away from loans for everyone

money and cash

Once a financial company offers loans to everyone, something is wrong. A solid provider lends only to those who do not overburden the monthly financial budget. In addition, companies are required by law to check the client’s ability to repay. To do so, they can use the so-called creditworthiness, which is checked by debtors’ registers or they are interested in what your monthly income is.

However, the consumer credit act is often circumvented in this respect. Companies can lend you a trade license. Therefore, they are not obliged to control your ability to repay. At the same time, they can set you much higher default penalties and get you into a debt spiral after several unpaid installments.

Interested in the reputation of the provider


Find out where you can about the company. Search the Internet, read reviews and feel free to check it in the business register. Certainly, a non-banking company providing mortgage and consumer loans must be licensed by the Czech private bank, but it can also be a member of various associations and associations. This can be a guide to a reliable lender.

You may find our review of Non-bank Loans Review helpful in finding reviews.

Finally, you can find information about the company on the website of non-bank loan comparators.

Do you understand the loan agreement?

A contract is often a stumbling block when dealing with a loan. Many companies still use outdated contracts and force you to read endless quantities of text that you do not understand. However, other companies try to accommodate their customers and gradually contract and make contracts more transparent.

If you are unsure about something in the contract, your company staff should advise you and explain everything. You can also contact a lawyer to help you explain the loopholes in the contract. However, this should not be necessary for a good non-banking company.

Be aware of how the non-banking company communicates with you

Be aware of how the non-banking company communicates with you

See how your business responds to your questions. You should receive answers quickly, understandably and clearly. If financial company employees are unable to respond to your wishes or are pushing you, be sure to bet on another company.

How much does a wedding cost? Is it worth taking a wedding loan?

The topic of finance is still a bit taboo among some partners. As long as they are single, there is usually no problem. However, as the wedding approaches, some financial issues should be clarified. This will prevent possible quarrels and disagreements. What should you be interested in?

Loans and debts

Loans and debts

First of all, be clear on how you are doing with loans and debts. The debts of one of the spouses incurred prior to the marriage do not form part of the common property. However, this does not mean that they cannot ultimately influence both spouses.

In the case of non-repayment of the debt incurred prior to the marriage, the creditor may only sue the debtor, but if successful in court, the execution may also affect the joint property of the spouses. It is certainly not worth lying about loans and debts. A much better option is to devise a common repayment plan.

Mortgage – home loan

Mortgage - home loan

Another good reason to know about a partner’s possible debts is a mortgage. If one of the spouses has a bad payment history, does not repay the loans on time, and has records in the debtors’ registers, you may have to wait for the common mortgage until the situation is resolved.

Future plans – a joint account?

Also important is your idea of ​​joint management. Have you already thought about whether you will have one bank account or will you keep your own? Consider all pros and cons.

  • Joint Account: Its main advantage is that you have an overview. You do not have to pay direct debit from one account and rent from another. You can see all your expenses together. At the same time, you will save money on keeping several different accounts. You only pay all fees once. The downside may be that the partner knows about each of your expenses and payments.
  • Separate Accounts: You may see uneven spending for separate accounts. From the beginning, it is good to determine who will pay fees from your account, who will rent and who will collect. Different partner income may also be a problem, for example when a woman goes on maternity leave. However, if you want to be financially independent and mind partner control over your spending, this is the solution for you.
  • Joint account and two separate accounts: You can also bet on a compromise and have accounts equal to three. The only drawback is that you will have to pay management fees for all of them.

Finally, it is worth considering how you plan your retirement security.

Relationship to money and credit

It’s also a good idea to find out how your partner is related to money. If you haven’t solved this by now, it’s time. Clear your priorities. How much do you spend and what does your dear half spend? Are you saving, or do you prefer to enjoy? What is your opinion on loans and consumer loans? Although you do not mind different attitudes now, everything may change over time. Especially if you need to tighten your belts.

How much does a wedding cost?

How much does a wedding cost?

One of the other topics that the expectant spouses should discuss is the price they are willing to pay for their wedding. It’s ideal to sit still and discuss how much money they can invest in each item.

Want a cheap wedding? The ideal solution is a wedding in four people at the office. Only you two and witnesses, without unnecessary costs. You don’t even need rings. All you have to pay is the administration fee of the matrix. Other expenses are at your discretion.

The price of a classic wedding is usually around USD 200,000. However, the amount can be moved very variable, both downwards and of course upwards.

Wedding Loan – Is It Worth Lending Money For Your Wedding?

Wedding Loan - Is It Worth Lending Money For Your Wedding?

In the event that the engaged couple lives in a common household for a longer period of time, they usually pay the bulk of the costs themselves. Parents, sometimes generous grandparents, help with the rest. It is important to agree in advance what to pay, so that just before the wedding unnecessary disputes and problems.

But what if you do not have enough money for your dream wedding? Is it smart to bet on a loan?

Be sure not to head into it. First, consider calmly what you can save on. Check with your parents and grandparents to see if they would lend you the money. A wedding loan is problematic for one main reason.

In early marriage, most couples want to build a common future. Whether it’s housing, parental leave or dreaming, everything costs. It might happen that you will regret the wedding loan in the end because you will find that a newlywed loan would be more interesting to you.

Installment loan despite Credit bureau – is there such a thing?

Various credit products are now available on the financial market. Installment loan is a very popular form of credit. Installment loans are offered by numerous banks today. In addition to the conventional installment loan, there are now also variations in the form of credit. For example, an installment loan is offered despite Credit bureau / installment loan without Credit bureau. The loan does not differ significantly from a conventional installment loan, the main difference is that no Credit bureau information is obtained. By deliberately foregoing Credit bureau information, you can take out an installment loan despite Credit bureau.

Installment loan despite Credit bureau

Installment loan despite Credit bureau

If you have negative Credit bureau information as a consumer, the installment loan without Credit bureau is often the last option. An installment loan despite Credit bureau is only slightly more expensive than a conventional installment loan product. The higher costs are due to the fact that the banks have to face a higher credit default risk. In order to avoid a credit default, an installment loan is not subject to a credit check despite Credit bureau. In the case of a loan despite Credit bureau, a Credit bureau is not used, but the banks use their own assessment tools to classify the credit rating. An installment loan without Credit bureau is often very flexible. The term, the loan amount and also the repayment can usually be determined individually. An installment loan despite Credit bureau is offered by numerous online banks today. Despite Credit bureau, the online banks often offer installment loans at very low interest rates.

Credit despite Credit bureau – alternative personal loan

Credit despite Credit bureau - alternative personal loan

If you cannot access a conventional installment loan or installment loan without a Credit bureau due to a Credit bureau, you should use a personal loan. Personal loans are made by a private lender to a private borrower. Most credit products – which are privately issued – are installment credit products. The numerous credit intermediaries were able to establish themselves particularly successfully on the market. Credit brokers offer the provision of private loans on the Internet. Credit intermediaries offer secure personal loan issuance. The credit intermediary ensures that personal loans are successfully brokered, repaid and resolved.

As a borrower, you also need to be able to provide collateral for personal loans. When registering on a portal, you have to provide personal and income information. The income, the employment relationship, as well as the spending situation, are given special consideration here – as they serve to classify creditworthiness. Lending proves to be uncomplicated. The borrower can write out their desired loan in a credit pool. The lender decides whether to accept the loan. Regardless of whether you opt for a loan without Credit bureau or a personal loan, in any case a comparison should be made.